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11 May

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User Number: 4801617
Date Created:2004-10-11
Number of Posts: 390

Born-n-raised in Vermont, now living in the Sunshine State. I'm a college graduate, working at a TV station in Miami as a cyber journalist. My family is my number 1 priority!
Strengths: Independence, honesty, sincerity, hard working
Weaknesses: Chocolate, cute puppies, romance, sappy movies
Special Skills: I'm an identical twin...that's very special :-)
Weapons: My pretty blue eyes!
Pet Peeves: People who drive slow in the left lane, bad communication, players, drama, people taking/using my things without asking, assumptions.

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Ian "Thorpedo" Thorpe is love.

Love you Ma ~ BJM ~ 3/2/04 ~ Lalu ♥
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